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Here are a couple of presentations that I made to the DX University series presented by the SFDXA.  Click on the links to download the Power Point Files.

Antenna Basics

Contesting Basics

Be patient- the files are big!

Below are some good links to web pages with useful articles about antennas: 

Excerpts from W2DU's Book: Reflections2

W8JI Antenna Pages

A Ham's Guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, and Audio Interfacing

Click HERE to see a design for a portable 2 element 6 Meter Quad that I use in My RV.  It can be made for fixed use if you want to glue it up with PVC cement.    


Notice the 5 Element Elk Log Periodic antenna fits well on the boom and is pointed up at a 30 degree angle for working satellites on the 2M and 70 CM bands.


Making a Low Band Receive Loop For 160 Meters (Click Here)


                           American Radio Relay League 

The National Association for Amateur Radio 


DCARC logo  Davie/ Cooper City Amateur Radio Club





Here is a Grid Square map of what I worked in the June 2010 VHF Party... Almost like a halo around Nashville, where I was operating from in my RV...  Using the 2 el Quad for 6 M and the Elk antenna for 2M/70CM

Today, Nov. 18, 2012, I helped clear out equipment from the shack of

Jack, W4OWJ (SK).  He wanted me to have his beautiful Mercury Paddle.

I hooked it up to my rig tonight, and worked a new Country on 160 M -- C50C

in the Gambia. 160 was Jack's favorite band !  I am sure that Jack was up there

 in the Ether helping my signal.  Jack, you will be missed, my friend.  73 and SK.